Fascinations and Wonders of The World

Great Wall of China

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Great Wall of China

"the wall"

The Great wall of China is truly an amazing sight. Located in Northern China, this wall spans nearly 13,000 miles across the country side. It took several Chinese dynasties to build this ancient structure over a span of 2,300 years. china highlights lists it as one of the “Greatest Human Feat in History”. Scenic views, hiking conquest, and exploring this ancient structures are just a few reasons to take a trip to Northern China.

Angel Falls

e voilà

Located in the Guayana Highlands of Venezuela; Angel Falls is known as the worlds tallest waterfall. The Churum river flows right over the “Auyentepuy” mountain. According to Salto-Angel, it was first discovered by the pilot, James Angel while he was on a conquest to discover a “Golden City”.

Perito Moreno Glacier

1.- Perito Moreno Glacier

Looks like something from Antarctica right? Wrong, it is actually a glacier in Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina. One of the 48 glaciers that belong to the ice park in Argentina, it spans nearly 19 miles.

Machu Picchu citadel

Known as an Archaeological wonder of Peru, Machu Picchu is an ancient Incan Artifact. Archaeologist believe that the citadel was built as an Estate for the Inca Emperor, Pachuacuti around 1450 AD.

The Fortress

Burney Falls

A Modern Day Rivendell

Coined as the “Eight Wonder of The World” by President Roosevelt, Burney Falls is a Californian beauty. The fall is located in the Mcarthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park in Shasta County, California. Most of its water supply comes from underground springs, and the waterfall itself is 114 feet high. Check out McArthur-Burney Falls State Park for more details

Grand Canyon

Canyon Walls at Toroweap

Carved out by the Colorado River, The Grand Canyon is a 277 mile canyon located in Arizona. At some points the Grand Canyon spans a width of 18 miles, and has a depth that is over a mile deep. The Grand Canyon is famous all over the world for its magnificent colors, size, and grandeur. For additional travel information, check out Grand Canyon.


Stonehenge HDR

Located in Wiltshire, England, Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument that is believed to be constructed by the Neolithic Era around 2,000-3,000 BC.This mysterious artifact has puzzled scientists for centuries.

Hubbard Glacier in Alaska

Hubbard Glacier in Alaska

Hubbard Glacier is located off the frigid coast of Yakutat in Alaska. Scientists believe the glacier continues to grow in size and shape. Currently, the glacier is more than 6 miles wide with icebergs that are nearly 400 feet tall.

Vale, Colorado

Loch Vale Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park

Is one of America’s largest ski resorts, that is home to numerous lakes, trails, and mountains. Vail is perfect for adventurers, hikers, and sight-seeing. For more resort information, visit Vail.

Lindos Agean, Greece


Lindos is known as an archaeological site with an awesome beach. It is situated in a large bay and contains Haraki, a resort and fishing village. Also, there are many historical sites to see as this city was once home to medieval villagers in the 16th, 17th, & 18th Century.

Poipu beach

Sunset over Poipu beach - Kauai

Located on the coast of Kauai Island of Hawaii. Poipu beach is known for its reefs, surf breaks, and snorkeling areas.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


If you have ever put fuel into your automotive, then you probably have contributed to Dubai’s wealth. The Emirate city is located on the Perisan Gulf. Dubai is now known as a global city and business hub. Home to some of the neatest man made structures, including oddly shaped sky scrapers and its very own man made islands.

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26 Pumpkin Ideas That Will Surely Bring Halloween Guest

After scrolling through dozens of pictures, we have found 25 pumpkin ideas that will surely bring Halloween guest.These pumpkins will certainly bring all of the attention to your front porch this season. Everyone loves to see a well lit, impressive Jack O lantern. So if you want all of the neighborhood kids trick or treating at your house this year, be sure to use one of these creative ideas.

After finding the idea that you want, be sure to check out Taste of Home to learn how to create and carve your own pumpkin. We would like to know about your unique pumpkin ideas, so please be sure to share them in our comments.

1.Classic Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

2.Trick or Treat

Carved Pumpkins

3.They Look Friendly

Jack-o-Lanterns 2013 (#1564)

4.Another good one

Carved Halloween pumpkin glowing in the dark

5.Haunted House Carving

Carving Pumpkins: Haunted House

6.Phineas & Ferb with Others

Halloween Pumpkins

7.Mischievous Pumpkin

Pumpkin design by Jeremiah Christopher

8. Ghost & Grim Reaper Carvings

Pumpkins 2006

9. A Nice Collection

Our 2010 pumpkins

10.Superstitious Cat

Finished Product


Carved Pumpkins

12.Hungry Jack O Lantern


13.Bizarre Pumpkin

Pumpkin Head

14.A Neat Assembly

Halloween pumpkins 2013

15.Frankenstein & Charlie Brown

My Carvings

16.Curiosity Killed the Cat

Halloween 2013

17.Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack, Oogie, and other pumpkins

18. The Cat has Nine Lives

Cool Halloween Jack-O-Lantern With a Kitty Face



20. Odd Collection


21. Chihuahua with Friends


22. Hungover Pumpkins

Too Much To Drink

23. Is that President Lincoln?

Carved Pumpkins

24. I have never seen White Pumpkins


25. Disney Pumpkin

Disneyland Mickey Pumpkin

26. Baby Pumpkin


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18 Bizarre, Spooky, and Unique Halloween Costumes

18 Bizarre, Spooky, and Unique Halloween Costumes

Check out these 18 Halloween Costumes that will most certainly win first prize in any contest. The photographers at Flickr have given us glimpses at some really bizarre, neat, and unique costumes.

Halloween Costume images provided by https://flic.kr/p/dq9RPb

Halloween Costume images provided by https://flic.kr/p/dq9RPb

1.Purple & Unique

Trick or Treat

2. Has to be winner for most horrifying

HALLOWEEN72/  "Obscene or not Obscene"

4. Penguins really?


5. The Mad Hatter

Allison Cameron Gray and the Mad Hatter

6, Just Bizarre

Halloween Costume Street Snaps Shibuya

7.Woody & Mrs. Bo Peep

Woody & Bo Peep

8. The Tin Man

Halloween 2010

9. That’s just wrong

Haunted House Member Preview Party 2011

10. We all know he is Proud

Halloween West Hollywood 2012  Drag Queen in Shorts

11. The Joker


12. I think he would make a good Harry Potter

2011 Halloween

13. Star Wars Queen Amildaya


14. Nightmare Before Christmas, Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie - No Flash - 10-31-2014

15. Aren’t Pokemon for Kids?


16. Isnt that a little much?

Chinese Opera kid 小財神

17. I dont know what she is supposed to be

Halloween 2010

18. When in doubt, dress up as a teddybear

Teddy Bear

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14 Feelings Every College Student Goes Through

Here are the 14 feelings every college student goes through at some point of their academic endeavors.


Picture by photographer from Flickr

1. Its studyday no need to get dressed today

Me in Hanes polar bear flannel pajamas,  white socks, fleece bathrobe, brooks brothers slippers.

2. Ah need plenty of coffee

Coffee with Milk Monster Energy

3. Studying by Cramming Method


4. Break between class

People photography is hard

5. We have a quiz today? No way!

Teenage Attitudes

6. Test Day

end of semester stress

7. No, I wasn’t cheating! 


8. Really? I made a C-? I studied so hard.

"Once upon a time..."

9. Why can’t I get extra credit?

pure emotions

10.Please give me a curve 

Celebrate the way the night hides scars.

11.  Finished Class with an A!


12. Out for the holidays

Christmas joy

13. Dropped out of college


14. Just passed for the semester


Thanks again to our photographer friends at Flickr, these photos are made possible.

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If you have any feelings that you experience during your college career, please leave a comment so that we all can know.

The Woman of the Hollow


Across from the field and by the meadow

there is a house that sits next to the hollow

it belongs to a woman that is very mysterious

it is because of her the countryside is filled with conspiracies

she was once known for her charm and her beauties

her skin and her face were fairer than many

the look in her eyes were very mischievous

as for her smile, it almost looked devious

her hair was thick, dark, and slender

 and her appearance, was to be remembered

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Scarecrow Meets a Friend

Scarecrow meets a friend

Only in the meadow will you see
Mr scarecrow standing there up rightly
from the farmer he’s given the task
to guard the harvest and the pumpkin patch
even the birds will not land
 the place where scarecrow continues to stand

Everyday, Mr. Scarecrow could not understand
why he was put there to haunt the meadow-land
if only for a moment, he could be different
something with purpose and possibly significant
for some odd reason scarecrow is confused
For he was not the horrible figure that everyone viewed

Look in the field and see in the meadow
that scarecrow is not frightening; he is actually a fine fellow
Mr Scarecrow didn’t like what he was determined to be
because he viewed himself as being peculiar and very ugly
all of the animals and all of the creatures
were terrified of him because of his features
all he ever wanted was a friend
someone to talk to, someone who could understand

Look in the field see in the meadow

curiosity sparked because of the peculiar looking fellow

her interest was peaked as she viewed from a distance
at Mr scarecrow and his strange looking appearance
she couldn’t stand there and watch any-longer
she had to know the one that everyone thought was a monster

therefore she ventured to the middle of the meadow
to introduce herself to the creepy looking fellow
“Hi my name is Selene”, she said
and I come from the house that is right up ahead
she continued, “what is your name and why do you stand here?”
he replied, “my name is Mr.Scarecrow and my job is to impart fear.”
at that point, the two conversed
therefore a friendship began to commerce

Black cat

Look in the field see in the meadow
a friendship is formed between the cat and the fellow
Selene was small and covered in black
for she was a very suspicious looking cat

These Pictures Remind Us All Why We Love Fall

These Pictures Remind Us All Why We Love Fall

These Pictures Remind Us All Why We Love Fall

Here are some great glimpses of fall that reminds everyone of this great season. Everyone can relate to these pictures, as they remind us all Why we Love Fall. Thanks to photographers and friends at Flickr, we can enjoy autumn’s sensations all over again.

1.At last, the ground is covered with frost.

Along with the clouds and the heavy dense fog.

frosty 076

2.The trees the leaves, and everything change

As all of the colors begin to rearrange.

Japanese Maple

3.The scents and smells of pumpkin spice.

Remind us all of everything nice.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

4.The carvings of pumpkin and visiting patches

Are all the wonders that autumn brings to practice.

pumpkin patch

5.The doors are all decorated with colorful wreaths

Which makes this season a time of relief.

Autumn Wreaths

6.The autumn sun hastily begins to set

to bring about a night sky one cannot forget.

Autumn Sunset

7.Everyone gathers around the fire

To make marshmallow smores to their desire.


8.The taste of apples, caramels, and sweets

are reminders that this season is truly a treat.

caramel apples

9.Halloween, Thanksgiving, and festivals involved,

Are all the reasons of why we love fall.

Halloween carved pumpkins



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Dr. Ben Carson for President 

Ben Carson

Born into poverty in Detroit Michigan

we were introduced to the beloved, Ben Carson

it was because of his mother who believed in his success

that through school and college at Yale, he achieved academic excellence

To go onto medical school at the University of Michigan

where he excelled and became an outstanding physician

Due to Ben Carson’s insight, aptitude, and abilities

These skills are what sets him apart as a pioneer of neurosurgery

During his time at John Hopkins Medical center

He served as the  leading, pediatric, neurosurgery director

Johns Hopkins Dome

As his practice became more advanced

he became the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins

A recognition that he received

was a scientific acknowledgement from Time magazine.

Having been honored by CNN

Dr Carson was noted as a foremost physician and scientist

to add to his incredible record

the Library of congress named him a living legend

For all of his perfomance and accomplishments

Dr. Carson received medals from George Bush, the former president


in addition to his achievements and record

Carson is known by many for his  virtuous character

through his prayers and his speeches

this doctor displays a gentle meekness

With him portraying a loving demeanor

It is these qualities that make him a great leader

New York City

Now, we know of his disposition

let’s take a look at some of his political positions

to begin, he is pro-life

because he believes all people are uniquely designed

To be clear, he supports education

that is not controlled by the government

Point in fact, He is no fan of debt

that is why he proposes plans for a balanced budget

another concept that he supports

is the idea of a wholesale tax reform

By doing, this reform will eliminate

all of the tax burdens the IRS creates.


Because of these things I am a fan

of the beloved, Dr. Ben Carson!

Due to his character, acumen, and intelligence

I will be voting Ben Carson for America’s president.

Vote for Ben Carson

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Mr. Scarecrow

Rain on the scarecrow
Look in the field and see the meadow

there stands in the middle a peculiar looking fellow

There at his post stands as the watchman

is Mr.scare crow who is made of wool and stuffed with cotton

His face is made from that of a pumpkin

whose eyes are made of two black buttons

with clothing that seems tethered and ragged

is Mr. Scare crow kept warm by his old, red jacket.


He stands prostrate in the wind and the rain

to guard the field that is planted with grain

his frame is made from the wood

that comes from the land of which he stood

all day long, he stands there still

to frighten the critters who trespass his field


Look in the field out into the meadow

and see that peculiar looking fellow

from the weather and beginning of fall

Mr. scarecrow is there to witness it all

including the trees and the leaves changing colors

He is there to witness all of autumn’s great wonders

every year brings a new season

which reminds Mr. scare crow he was put there for a reason.

written by sps, 2015

© [Stephen Sweeney] and [panaceaconcept.wordpress.com], [2015]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Stephen Sweeney] and [panaceaconcept.wordpress.com] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

The Great State of Mississippi


During the harsh winter of 1817

Was the beginning of the great state of Mississippi.

A state that overtime has been misunderstood greatly.

Today, stands for freedom and social equality.

Birthplace of Elvis Presley -  Tupelo Mississippi.

When reflecting on a place like Mississippi

We are reminded of all the good times and simplicities

The sounds of the blues and BB King

to Elvis Presley strumming on his guitar strings.

From the stories of William Faulkner and Eudora Welty

Are reasons this state is well read and proficient in literacy


cannon-197728_640 (1)

When looking back on the state’s long, history

we remember 1865, when the Union won the victory.

That day, the civil war ended as did the confederacy

which produced the 13th amendment that abolished slavery

Remembered for their civil endeavors

Are John Perkins, Emmit Till, and Medgar Evers

Who ushered in the movements of the civil rights era


When thinking about the great state of Mississippi

From the fables of witches and ghost stories

That supposedly haunt the historic Yazoo city

From rolling hills that belong to Vicksburg’s National Park

Are remembered all the battles and the civil war landmarks

On a tour, through the Natchez trace’s scenery

You will be amazed by the native land’s beauty.

homes of Natchez, MS

From the town squares, antebellum, and antiquity

Are some of the unique things that belong to Mississippi

Famous for the Hail state and Hotty toddy

This land is full of competition and in-state rivalries

Founded in the state of the Magnolia

Was developed the crisps taste of thirst quenching, Coca Cola

Due to President Roosevelt’s hunting sprees

The teddy bear was first stuffed right here in Mississippi

Teddy Bear

“To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi.” -William Faulkner

written by sps, October 2015

© [Stephen Sweeney] and [panaceaconcept.wordpress.com], [2015]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Stephen Sweeney] and [panaceaconcept.wordpress.com] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.