What is Wrong with America?

What is Wrong with America?

What is wrong with the country, America?

Filled with people consumed by entertainment and pop media.

The democrats, liberals, and leftist

Are what is going to turn this country into a regime, a fascist.

Of course all people have right to opinion.

but please spare US all of the continued ignorance.

What is wrong with the Democracy?

The white house is filled with a concept, idiocracy!


The ignorant voters are first to blame

Which won the 08 election to contribute the great change

What is wrong with America?

The citizens and leaders are plagued with disease called mania

While Syria and ISIS develop great hostility

America backs down and acts like a sissy.

Our leaders conceal nuclear deals with Iran

makes US wonder if our leaders hate America and support the Quran

What is wrong with our government?

Since when did everything become so offensive and treated with tolerance?

The people continue to ignore Biblical commandments

That even the gays have the right to a marital sanction

What is wrong with this country, America?

It is a country who is influenced by the devil

The streets are filled with cowards, cheats, and corruption

That the safety of children and lives are in grave danger of destruction.

The citizens support the right to euthanize

Distorting the very concepts pertaining to life.


Citizens condone the killings of innocent babies

selling their body parts just seems crazy.

Have we become so shallow and filled with greed

That fetal organs are sold for rides in Lamborghinis

What about the freedoms of speech?

There are places in America the Bible is forbidden to be preached.

Christian Standards are being overruled.

That even sanctity of Prayer is illegal in schools

Makes one wonder, why all the school violence

Perhaps the administration, wanting to keep all Christians silent?

What happened to Biblical upbringings?

Liberal Americans cant endure sound doctrine or teaching

What has become the new standard?

Political correctness and the black lives matter?

the slanders, the riots, and all of the killings

Shouldn’t we be a people of less hate and more forgiving.


Evildoers, terrorist, and wars

Where is our president in which we forsworn?

What has happened to the great red, white, and blue?

The land of which our forefathers fought to pursue

With blood, sweat and tears; freedom became ours.

bill of rights, constitution, and freedom of speech was the hopeful desire

Allowing illegal immigrants to reside

Have placed fiscal burdens countrywide

Hardworking Americans strive to provide bread and pay taxes

So that the lazy continue to be funded and remain inactive

A man is forbidden to enjoy his own land

Due to a Clause, know as the imminent domain

Are we country who really loves debt?

Borrowing trillions the future will surely regret

What is wrong with our country that you see?

Lack of support for police and the military

The very ones who protected and served

Are neglected the recognition that they truly deserve

The right to bear arms is even in question

There goes our fight against enemies and terrorist aggressions

Why have the bill of rights and constitution been neglected?

To be distorted and misused by a term called “political correction”

What has happened to American industry?

Well, they have been outsourced to companies oversees.

written by sps, 2015

© [Stephen Sweeney] and [panaceaconcept.wordpress.com], [2015]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Stephen Sweeney] and [panaceaconcept.wordpress.com] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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