Dr. Ben Carson for President 

Ben Carson

Born into poverty in Detroit Michigan

we were introduced to the beloved, Ben Carson

it was because of his mother who believed in his success

that through school and college at Yale, he achieved academic excellence

To go onto medical school at the University of Michigan

where he excelled and became an outstanding physician

Due to Ben Carson’s insight, aptitude, and abilities

These skills are what sets him apart as a pioneer of neurosurgery

During his time at John Hopkins Medical center

He served as the  leading, pediatric, neurosurgery director

Johns Hopkins Dome

As his practice became more advanced

he became the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins

A recognition that he received

was a scientific acknowledgement from Time magazine.

Having been honored by CNN

Dr Carson was noted as a foremost physician and scientist

to add to his incredible record

the Library of congress named him a living legend

For all of his perfomance and accomplishments

Dr. Carson received medals from George Bush, the former president


in addition to his achievements and record

Carson is known by many for his  virtuous character

through his prayers and his speeches

this doctor displays a gentle meekness

With him portraying a loving demeanor

It is these qualities that make him a great leader

New York City

Now, we know of his disposition

let’s take a look at some of his political positions

to begin, he is pro-life

because he believes all people are uniquely designed

To be clear, he supports education

that is not controlled by the government

Point in fact, He is no fan of debt

that is why he proposes plans for a balanced budget

another concept that he supports

is the idea of a wholesale tax reform

By doing, this reform will eliminate

all of the tax burdens the IRS creates.


Because of these things I am a fan

of the beloved, Dr. Ben Carson!

Due to his character, acumen, and intelligence

I will be voting Ben Carson for America’s president.

Vote for Ben Carson

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