Scarecrow Meets a Friend

Scarecrow meets a friend

Only in the meadow will you see
Mr scarecrow standing there up rightly
from the farmer he’s given the task
to guard the harvest and the pumpkin patch
even the birds will not land
 the place where scarecrow continues to stand

Everyday, Mr. Scarecrow could not understand
why he was put there to haunt the meadow-land
if only for a moment, he could be different
something with purpose and possibly significant
for some odd reason scarecrow is confused
For he was not the horrible figure that everyone viewed

Look in the field and see in the meadow
that scarecrow is not frightening; he is actually a fine fellow
Mr Scarecrow didn’t like what he was determined to be
because he viewed himself as being peculiar and very ugly
all of the animals and all of the creatures
were terrified of him because of his features
all he ever wanted was a friend
someone to talk to, someone who could understand

Look in the field see in the meadow

curiosity sparked because of the peculiar looking fellow

her interest was peaked as she viewed from a distance
at Mr scarecrow and his strange looking appearance
she couldn’t stand there and watch any-longer
she had to know the one that everyone thought was a monster

therefore she ventured to the middle of the meadow
to introduce herself to the creepy looking fellow
“Hi my name is Selene”, she said
and I come from the house that is right up ahead
she continued, “what is your name and why do you stand here?”
he replied, “my name is Mr.Scarecrow and my job is to impart fear.”
at that point, the two conversed
therefore a friendship began to commerce

Black cat

Look in the field see in the meadow
a friendship is formed between the cat and the fellow
Selene was small and covered in black
for she was a very suspicious looking cat


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