The Woman of the Hollow


Across from the field and by the meadow

there is a house that sits next to the hollow

it belongs to a woman that is very mysterious

it is because of her the countryside is filled with conspiracies

she was once known for her charm and her beauties

her skin and her face were fairer than many

the look in her eyes were very mischievous

as for her smile, it almost looked devious

her hair was thick, dark, and slender

 and her appearance, was to be remembered


At one time, she had a family

her marriage once seemed very happy

it happened one day, that her husband didn’t return

as the whole city and town became very concerned


Whitworth Art Gallery II

By the officials, she became the one in question

they turned their attention to her as the suspect

soon thereafter, she was accused for the tragedy

there is a lot of mysteries that surround this story

the town became mad and in upheaval

because the thought the woman was very evil

for years, she was greatly mistreated

for a crime that she claimed she never committed

The villagers wanted her expelled

therefore, the woman left the town she once lived


Hollow Way

shortly after, she fled to the meadow

where she found a house abandoned by the hollow

For years, she stayed inside completely in solitude

her house became a place for her refuge

overtime the woman became mad

due to the tragedy and everything that happened

after a while, she became very estranged

as she displayed a demeanor that was completely deranged

for some odd reason, she talks to things that are not there

and stares in the mirror for hours combing her dark, sleek hair

fortunate for her, her appearance hasn’t changed any

after all these years she has maintained all her beauty


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