14 Feelings Every College Student Goes Through

Here are the 14 feelings every college student goes through at some point of their academic endeavors.


Picture by photographer from Flickr

1. Its studyday no need to get dressed today

Me in Hanes polar bear flannel pajamas,  white socks, fleece bathrobe, brooks brothers slippers.

2. Ah need plenty of coffee

Coffee with Milk Monster Energy

3. Studying by Cramming Method


4. Break between class

People photography is hard

5. We have a quiz today? No way!

Teenage Attitudes

6. Test Day

end of semester stress

7. No, I wasn’t cheating! 


8. Really? I made a C-? I studied so hard.

"Once upon a time..."

9. Why can’t I get extra credit?

pure emotions

10.Please give me a curve 

Celebrate the way the night hides scars.

11.  Finished Class with an A!


12. Out for the holidays

Christmas joy

13. Dropped out of college


14. Just passed for the semester


Thanks again to our photographer friends at Flickr, these photos are made possible.

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If you have any feelings that you experience during your college career, please leave a comment so that we all can know.


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