Give Praise All of Creation


Give Praise All of Creation

As one reflects with meditation and ponder
It brings to memory all of Gods great wonders

All of mass and all of matter
God created, with His unique pattern
All things, beyond thought or imagine
God created, including the molecule and the atom

From His throne was determined
All of creation and its inter working
Simply designed by The Great Majesty
Is all of the cell and it’s intricate complexities

From the One who knows all things
Brought into existence, our substance and being.

The heart, the lungs, and even the man

Are just the beginnings of God’s will & great plans.

It all happened at one single instance
That all creation spoken into existence

From the One of which life is sustained
created the seasons, the snow, and the rain
From the sun and its rays of light
Earth’s many needs are met and supplied

To the moon and the stars that shine so bright
Are the heavens declared in the night
Placed into orbit, all of the planets
Are the universes, galaxies, and their aerodynamics

The waves, the seas and all of the ocean
By Gods word were put into motion
The hills, the planes, and all of the land
Were formed in the beginning by a single command
The rain, the snow, and every season
Are timed by God for a wonderful reason

From simple flight taken by the dove

Reminds us that Christ reigns from above.

Even the beast, the bear, and the lion

Were fashioned by Him Who rules the Holy Hill of Zion

The tongues, the people, and every nation
Were created to bring Him all Glory and praising.

In the beginning, at the spoken creation

Remind me again, where was the atheist?

written by sps, 2015

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