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26 Pumpkin Ideas That Will Surely Bring Halloween Guest

After scrolling through dozens of pictures, we have found 25 pumpkin ideas that will surely bring Halloween guest.These pumpkins will certainly bring all of the attention to your front porch this season. Everyone loves to see a well lit, impressive Jack O lantern. So if you want all of the neighborhood kids trick or treating at your house this year, be sure to use one of these creative ideas.

After finding the idea that you want, be sure to check out Taste of Home to learn how to create and carve your own pumpkin. We would like to know about your unique pumpkin ideas, so please be sure to share them in our comments.

1.Classic Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

2.Trick or Treat

Carved Pumpkins

3.They Look Friendly

Jack-o-Lanterns 2013 (#1564)

4.Another good one

Carved Halloween pumpkin glowing in the dark

5.Haunted House Carving

Carving Pumpkins: Haunted House

6.Phineas & Ferb with Others

Halloween Pumpkins

7.Mischievous Pumpkin

Pumpkin design by Jeremiah Christopher

8. Ghost & Grim Reaper Carvings

Pumpkins 2006

9. A Nice Collection

Our 2010 pumpkins

10.Superstitious Cat

Finished Product


Carved Pumpkins

12.Hungry Jack O Lantern


13.Bizarre Pumpkin

Pumpkin Head

14.A Neat Assembly

Halloween pumpkins 2013

15.Frankenstein & Charlie Brown

My Carvings

16.Curiosity Killed the Cat

Halloween 2013

17.Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack, Oogie, and other pumpkins

18. The Cat has Nine Lives

Cool Halloween Jack-O-Lantern With a Kitty Face



20. Odd Collection


21. Chihuahua with Friends


22. Hungover Pumpkins

Too Much To Drink

23. Is that President Lincoln?

Carved Pumpkins

24. I have never seen White Pumpkins


25. Disney Pumpkin

Disneyland Mickey Pumpkin

26. Baby Pumpkin


Who knows? You may get really creative. If by chance you do, feel free to send us a picture of your unique Jack O Lantern.

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