18 Bizarre, Spooky, and Unique Halloween Costumes

18 Bizarre, Spooky, and Unique Halloween Costumes

Check out these 18 Halloween Costumes that will most certainly win first prize in any contest. The photographers at Flickr have given us glimpses at some really bizarre, neat, and unique costumes.

Halloween Costume images provided by https://flic.kr/p/dq9RPb

Halloween Costume images provided by https://flic.kr/p/dq9RPb

1.Purple & Unique

Trick or Treat

2. Has to be winner for most horrifying

HALLOWEEN72/  "Obscene or not Obscene"

4. Penguins really?


5. The Mad Hatter

Allison Cameron Gray and the Mad Hatter

6, Just Bizarre

Halloween Costume Street Snaps Shibuya

7.Woody & Mrs. Bo Peep

Woody & Bo Peep

8. The Tin Man

Halloween 2010

9. That’s just wrong

Haunted House Member Preview Party 2011

10. We all know he is Proud

Halloween West Hollywood 2012  Drag Queen in Shorts

11. The Joker


12. I think he would make a good Harry Potter

2011 Halloween

13. Star Wars Queen Amildaya


14. Nightmare Before Christmas, Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie - No Flash - 10-31-2014

15. Aren’t Pokemon for Kids?


16. Isnt that a little much?

Chinese Opera kid 小財神

17. I dont know what she is supposed to be

Halloween 2010

18. When in doubt, dress up as a teddybear

Teddy Bear

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14 Feelings Every College Student Goes Through

Here are the 14 feelings every college student goes through at some point of their academic endeavors.


Picture by photographer from Flickr

1. Its studyday no need to get dressed today

Me in Hanes polar bear flannel pajamas,  white socks, fleece bathrobe, brooks brothers slippers.

2. Ah need plenty of coffee

Coffee with Milk Monster Energy

3. Studying by Cramming Method


4. Break between class

People photography is hard

5. We have a quiz today? No way!

Teenage Attitudes

6. Test Day

end of semester stress

7. No, I wasn’t cheating! 


8. Really? I made a C-? I studied so hard.

"Once upon a time..."

9. Why can’t I get extra credit?

pure emotions

10.Please give me a curve 

Celebrate the way the night hides scars.

11.  Finished Class with an A!


12. Out for the holidays

Christmas joy

13. Dropped out of college


14. Just passed for the semester


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