18 Bizarre, Spooky, and Unique Halloween Costumes

18 Bizarre, Spooky, and Unique Halloween Costumes

Check out these 18 Halloween Costumes that will most certainly win first prize in any contest. The photographers at Flickr have given us glimpses at some really bizarre, neat, and unique costumes.

Halloween Costume images provided by https://flic.kr/p/dq9RPb

Halloween Costume images provided by https://flic.kr/p/dq9RPb

1.Purple & Unique

Trick or Treat

2. Has to be winner for most horrifying

HALLOWEEN72/  "Obscene or not Obscene"

4. Penguins really?


5. The Mad Hatter

Allison Cameron Gray and the Mad Hatter

6, Just Bizarre

Halloween Costume Street Snaps Shibuya

7.Woody & Mrs. Bo Peep

Woody & Bo Peep

8. The Tin Man

Halloween 2010

9. That’s just wrong

Haunted House Member Preview Party 2011

10. We all know he is Proud

Halloween West Hollywood 2012  Drag Queen in Shorts

11. The Joker


12. I think he would make a good Harry Potter

2011 Halloween

13. Star Wars Queen Amildaya


14. Nightmare Before Christmas, Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie - No Flash - 10-31-2014

15. Aren’t Pokemon for Kids?


16. Isnt that a little much?

Chinese Opera kid 小財神

17. I dont know what she is supposed to be

Halloween 2010

18. When in doubt, dress up as a teddybear

Teddy Bear

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These Pictures Remind Us All Why We Love Fall

These Pictures Remind Us All Why We Love Fall

These Pictures Remind Us All Why We Love Fall

Here are some great glimpses of fall that reminds everyone of this great season. Everyone can relate to these pictures, as they remind us all Why we Love Fall. Thanks to photographers and friends at Flickr, we can enjoy autumn’s sensations all over again.

1.At last, the ground is covered with frost.

Along with the clouds and the heavy dense fog.

frosty 076

2.The trees the leaves, and everything change

As all of the colors begin to rearrange.

Japanese Maple

3.The scents and smells of pumpkin spice.

Remind us all of everything nice.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

4.The carvings of pumpkin and visiting patches

Are all the wonders that autumn brings to practice.

pumpkin patch

5.The doors are all decorated with colorful wreaths

Which makes this season a time of relief.

Autumn Wreaths

6.The autumn sun hastily begins to set

to bring about a night sky one cannot forget.

Autumn Sunset

7.Everyone gathers around the fire

To make marshmallow smores to their desire.


8.The taste of apples, caramels, and sweets

are reminders that this season is truly a treat.

caramel apples

9.Halloween, Thanksgiving, and festivals involved,

Are all the reasons of why we love fall.

Halloween carved pumpkins



Panacea Concept aka Panacea Review

Mr. Scarecrow

Rain on the scarecrow
Look in the field and see the meadow

there stands in the middle a peculiar looking fellow

There at his post stands as the watchman

is Mr.scare crow who is made of wool and stuffed with cotton

His face is made from that of a pumpkin

whose eyes are made of two black buttons

with clothing that seems tethered and ragged

is Mr. Scare crow kept warm by his old, red jacket.


He stands prostrate in the wind and the rain

to guard the field that is planted with grain

his frame is made from the wood

that comes from the land of which he stood

all day long, he stands there still

to frighten the critters who trespass his field


Look in the field out into the meadow

and see that peculiar looking fellow

from the weather and beginning of fall

Mr. scarecrow is there to witness it all

including the trees and the leaves changing colors

He is there to witness all of autumn’s great wonders

every year brings a new season

which reminds Mr. scare crow he was put there for a reason.

written by sps, 2015

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